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Embroidery API (ECS)

  • Take your online embroidery presence to the next level.
  • Connects your web site presentation directly to Delta templates allowing full error checking in real time as the customer creates personalization
  • 3D modeling preview of customer personalization generated by the VeriStitch Satin Stitch Engine (VSSE), the same stitch engine that creates the stitch file that sews in production; guarantees that what-they-see-is-what-you-sew thus eliminating surprises upon delivery to the customer.
  • Stitch files are created at the time the renderings are created. Once an order is placed the stitch file is downloaded and ready for production.
  • Personalization preview can be displayed on blank background, with additional data integration, a colored swatch, or the actual item in actual item and thread color
  • 1/2 second rendering process speeds
  • Live orders can be passed to the production floor in real time without waiting for periodic order waves or batches
  • Many fonts to choose from and custom font creation available
  • Spread sheet importing included for mass personalization
  • We configure all font sewing specifications for you to deliver a professional result
  • Small setup fee and affordable pricing models
  • 3rd party embroidery production available
  • Programmers available to help you integrate the ECS Embroidery API
  • Integrates seamlessly with Delta Direct to Sew barcode scanning machine network (Optional).

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When modifying color, type an A before the color Hex code (A009900 = green)      
Note: This is a simple example of what our API can do for your online presence.
What you see is also a "Ready to Sew" embroidery stitch file. 

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