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FreeStyle Hooping


FreeStyle Pictures

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Cap Back Hooping

Sleeve Hooping

The FreeStyle Arm was designed to be mounted off the side of a table and is custom made for your hoops.  This provides you with the most accurate and smallest hooping surface possible, making hooping in tight spots a breeze.  The FreeStyle Arm is perfect for hooping many items like: Sleeves, Cuffs, Collars, Jackets, Cap Backs, Pant Legs, Aprons, Towels, Bags, Ties, Youth Garments, Etc.


t-square.jpg (29836 bytes)The T-Square
The HoopMaster T-Square eliminates the need to pre-measure and mark garments.  This makes logo placement on jackets and other garments easy and accurate.

With the T-Square and FreeStyle arm you can hoop jackets sideways like the one shown in the picture.  There are many advantages to hooping this way.  One advantage is the way the loose linings of jackets can be hooped without bunching up.  Hooping sideways also allows the jacket to be loaded into your machine easier.  This is because there is less material that has to go behind your needle.


fixtnumbers.jpg (13147 bytes)Lines on the Fixture

The Lines position your logos consistently without manually measuring and marking each item.





mount.jpg (18788 bytes)FreeStyle Mounting Base

The Mounting Base is designed to be mounted to the edge of a table and is the support for the fixture when used in the FreeStyle position.





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