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SEDS II Anchor 3.0 - Embroidery Digitizing Software


Anchor digitizing software is an affordable embroidery software for home and professional users. Our flagship product, SEDS II Anchor 3.0, is flooded with features that cater to every level of your digitizing needs. It is one of the best high-end digitizing system in the market, yet available at a very affordable price. You can easily save thousands of dollars for comparable systems, with the peace of mind that you will be backed up by trained and experienced personnel any time you need support. The program is so easy to use that you can master it quickly and thus start generating revenue in no time. Click here to download a demo version to test drive this exciting software now.

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Main Features

  • All features in Achiever 3.0 (see details), plus the followings

  • Gradual Fill

Digitizing Software

  • Pattern Fill with Displacement

  • Multi-Pattern Fill

  • Fancy Satin

Digitizing Software

  • Lettering with Jagged Column Fill, Jagged Fill, Gradual Fill Lettering, Pattern Fill, Fill Motif and Line Motif

  • Font Creation

  • Multi-Color Line and Fill Motif

Digitizing Software

  • Parallel Stitch

  • Flow Stitch

  • Overlap Fill

Digitizing Software

  • Layer Manager

  • Simulation Printout with Preview

  • Stitch Sculpturing

Digitizing Software

  • Emblem

  • Standalone Stitch Editor

  • Auto Appliqué

Digitizing Software

  • Export Simulation Image

  • Production Information & Color Segments in Printout

  • Auto Convert Stitches to Objects

Digitizing Software

  • Flow Effect

Digitizing Software

  • 3D Globe Effect

  • Insert Hole in Fill Stitch

Digitizing Software  

  • 71 Professionally Pre-Digitized Satin Stitch Font Types Included

  • 19 Professionally Pre-Digitized Fill Stitch Font Types Included

  • Group & Ungroup Functions

  • Complete Feature List